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Pediatric Orthopedics (Surgery)

Expert physicians with Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center's pediatric orthopedics department and clinics diagnose and treat a variety of musculoskeletal

The Department of Pediatric Orthopedics (Surgery) treats complex orthopedic issues in unique areas of expertise

The Pediatric Orthopedic Department at the “Dana-Duek” Children’s Hospital at the Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center is specialized in treating children and adolescents. It constitutes a referral center for children suffering from complex orthopedic problems, arriving at the center from all over Israel as well as many countries worldwide.

A highly specialized team, engaged in research and international collaborations

The medical staff includes orthopedists and senior specialists, each of whom has a distinct field of expertise, in which they have many years of experience, such as correction of extremity distortions, spinal column surgery, sports medicine, and more.

The scope of specialties facilitates the provision of high-quality, highly-specialized professional solutions for a broad range of pediatric orthopedic problems and diseases.

The team specializes in treating the growing and developing child and is famous for its comprehensive approach that includes diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of children – all under one roof.

The department’s team is well known for its inclusive, empathetic regard for children and their families, with attention paid not only to the children’s orthopedic condition but to their family history and their general health and wellbeing.

The hospitalization ward has a devoted nursing staff, highly experienced in caring for children. They educate the child and the family about the anticipated operation and guide them through the entire process, prior to and post-surgery, as well as throughout the hospitalization period.

Research, ongoing education, and international collaborations

In addition to treating patients, the medical staff of the department is involved in various academic activities. These include basic and clinical research projects that are published in prestigious, international, scientific journals. They also attend professional international and Israeli conferences in their fields of expertise, and teach medical students and interns.

Colleagues from abroad and from other Israeli medical centers come to teach and/or to continue their professional studies in the department. All the senior physicians are active in professional Israeli and international medical associations, often manning various committees and positions. They are frequently invited to teach and lecture at international conferences and courses.

These collaborations lead to ongoing collegial dialogues with their counterparts throughout the world, which facilitates the adoption of the most up-to-date pediatric orthopedic methods of treatment, thus bringing maximum benefit to all the children under their care.

State-of-the-art medical technologies

The planning and performance of surgical interventions are based on the use of the most advanced, cutting-edge medical technologies.


Areas of treatment

  • Spinal column distortions and diseases (congenital, developmental, and acquired).
  • Fracture complications.
  • Hip diseases, including ultrasound for diagnosis and treatment of dislocation.
  • Orthopedic disabilities due to cerebral palsy and other muscle and nerve diseases.
  • Sports and exertion injuries in children and adults.
  • Distortions and limb-length discrepancies (congenital or acquired).
  • Orthopedic problems due to metabolic bone diseases.
  • Foot problems in children (congenital and acquired).
  • Gait laboratory for the investigation and diagnosis of walking problems.
  • Multi-disciplinary center for congenital bone diseases and bone health, in children and adolescents.
  • Bone health and bone density in children and adults.
  • Contusive and infectious muscle and skeletal injuries.



It is normal to feel unsure about going abroad to get medical treatment in a foreign country. Knowledge is the key for your peace of mind! Therefore we encourage you to research and get as much info as possible about the hospital, the staff and the treatment that is available. At Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, we will be more than happy to answer all your questions and provide you with all the necessary info so you can make a sound decision. Our vast experience and track record of success is our way to make you feel comfortable. Please feel free to contact our Medical Tourism Center directly on +972-3-697-3426 to discuss your concerns and we will do our best to answer all your questions.
Israel is renowned for its quality of healthcare all over the world. The Sourasky Medical Center is at the forefront of medical care. We apply the latest and most sophisticated technologies for advanced therapeutic services and precise diagnostic testing. Our state-of-the-art facilities will ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible throughout your stay. Our English speaking exceptional doctors are esteemed internationally for their expertise and pioneering techniques, and about 90% of them have practiced or trained abroad, at leading healthcare facilities in North America or Europe. The Medical Center complies with international standards for medical procedures, diagnostic testing, and clinical research.
We are a department within the Medical Center. All the stuff and members are employees of the Medical Center. We are not an agent. When you deal with us, you deal directly with the Medical center. Therefore, there are no extra fees or commissions on top of the price of treatments.
Given the outstanding level of quality care, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center’s fees are surprisingly reasonable. In most instances, treatment at the Medical Center, including medical fees and travel expenses, are considerably lower than comparable medical facilities in the US or Europe. The cost of treatment varies significantly, depending upon the type of treatment and its complexity. Please contact our Medical Tourism Center to provide the details of your required treatment and we will be happy to provide you a price quote
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