Bringing the Latest in Lab Technology to the Patient’s Bedside

The head of the Oncology Department at Sourasky Medical Center, Prof. Ido Wolf, discusses the most recent advances made in the care of oncology patients, including the introduction of innovative medical technologies. The Oncology Department at Sourasky Medical Center is constantly evolving and adapting its services to meet technological innovations generated by the latest research, in order to offer the utmost care to patients and ease their suffering.

02, Mar 2019

Lab Technology

According to Prof. Wolf, “At the Oncology Department, we focus on a combination of things that are not always easily reconciled, but which we feel must complement each other. The foremost is excellence in patient care: clinical, scientific, and research excellence which translates into offering patients innovative treatments and thinking outside of the box.  Together with a commitment to excellence, we do not lose sight of the fact that the patient’s wellbeing is at the heart of our treatment efforts. We are committed to providing care which encompasses the patient’s emotional needs, including family and social care, because even at the most basic level, support makes coping with the illness easier and has a positive effect on quality of life. “

“In its quest for excellence”, Prof. Wolf elaborates, “Sourasky Medical Center places emphasis on training physicians well versed in the latest clinical and laboratory research being conducted worldwide. Our staff is familiar with the latest innovations and developments in the field and is able to bring that knowledge to the patient’s bedside. Additionally, we have our own clinical research unit where we perform all phases of clinical trials, from the first stages of administering a trial drug to humans to large, phase three studies.”

“Often, participation in a clinical trial is a patient’s only chance to be exposed to new drugs and innovations in treatment. In addition, we offer our patients a series of advanced molecular tests, some of which are already commercially available and some of which are scheduled to come to market soon.  These tests, coupled with eligibility for clinical trials places us at the pinnacle of the level of care we are able to offer our patients worldwide.”

Sourasky Medical Center places an emphasis on cutting edge treatments such as immunotherapy, whereby the immune system is recruited to attack the tumor. These efforts have been rewarded with Sourasky Medical Center accredited as the only institution in Israel accredited to perform immunotherapy compatibility testing by methods approved by the FDA.

“Radiation treatment is a vital aspect of clinical excellence in Oncology. Our Oncology Radiation Clinic is also at the cutting edge of numerous advances in the field. We recently completed acquired four new accelerators – the most advanced in Israel; capable of delivering the most sophisticated radiation treatment available, while increasing efficacy and decreasing adverse effects. Similarly, a short while ago, we activated a new radiation device, the only one of its kind in Israel, that delivers focal radiation to skin cancers and in some cases, may prevent the need for complex surgery.  The Oncology Radiation Clinic also houses a radiopharmacology unit. This type of treatment involves the delivery of molecules carrying radioactive agents directly to the tumor, resulting in the tumor undergoing focal radiation while sparing healthy tissue.”

“Beyond excellent physicians, molecular tests, the research studies, and the labs,” says Prof. Wolf, “the patient and his or her family need an excellent support system, as it is a very difficult time for them.” Bearing this in mind, the Oncology Department at Sourasky Medical Center established palliative care services, run by the most outstanding, professional medical staff. The service offers treatment for issues such as pain, anxiety, and other symptoms related to the disease.

We also have psychologists, social workers, nutritionists, sex therapists, and a complementary medicine center – a comprehensive, complementary team of experts capable of assisting patients in every facet of their treatment and recovery during this trying period.

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