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For the First Time: Surgery to Remove a Cervical Tumor and Lymph Nodes Performed Using a Da Vinci Xi Robot.

​For the first time: A woman was diagnosed with cervical cancer underwent surgery to remove a tumor and the lymph nodes in her abdomen using a Da Vinci Xi robot. Prof. Grisaru, Director of the Gynecological Oncology Unit who performed the exceptional surgery explained: “In dealing with malignant growths of the uterus and cervix, we examine whether the tumor has spread to the lymph nodes outside the womb. For this purpose, the lymph nodes within the abdomen are removed, which might lead to complications and interfere with the patient's quality of life due to swelling of the legs.

08, Jan 2019

In recent years, a procedure called the ‘Sentinel’ procedure has been introduced which tests the lymph nodes by draining the tumor. Its main advantage is that it eliminates the need to remove the other glands surrounding the lymph nodes. To date, this method has been used only in tumors in the breast and the vulvar.

Due to technological limitations it was never performed on tumors in lymph nodes within the abdomen since the materials used for tumors in the breast and the vulvar were not effective enough and their detection capability was relatively low.

Now, for the first time at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), using the latest and most advanced Da Vinci Xi robot, which can only be found in our hospital, it is possible. And for the first time we removed a lymph node tumor from inside an abdomen.

Thanks to the complex and innovative technological system that is installed in the robot, which includes fluorescent imaging and a unique advanced HD camera, the tumor is dyed enabling the doctor to locate it in real time while they are inside the abdomen.

Almost 100% accuracy in the identification of the sentinel lymph nodes is achieved when using this procedure, sparing women extensive surgery and severe long term side effects.”

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